meredith & eyre trailers for sale

Meredith & Eyre are a UK manufacturing company that have been in business for 60 years now. They are industry renowned for their quality and the axles that they produce are used for a wide range of end uses.

M+E produce incredibly high quality trailers that are also very competitive on price. I strongly urge you to come and have a look, I think you will be very impressed that such well-built and smart looking trailers can be supplied at such competitive prices.

As with our other brands, we try to keep the most popular models in stock so if you need to purchase quickly we hope to have a model available that suits your needs. If you are planning ahead and looking to buy in the future than please pay us a visit or give me a call to discuss your needs and also have a look at the M+E website which will give you an insight into the full range that we are able to access.

Prices start from £650 + VAT for unbraked trailers. You can access the full price lists for M+E trailers here.

Meredith & Eyre Trailer Ranges

GOODS TRAILERS: MEG1584, MEG1584R, MEG1884, MEG1884R, MEG2784, MEG2784R.


2012 UNBRAKED TRAILERS: MEG5064S, MEG5064SM, MEG5064SR, MEG5064SRM, MEG7564W, MEG7564WM, MEG7564WR, MEG7564WRM, MEG7564T, MEG7564TM, MEG7564TR, MEG7564TRM.

16 SERIES FLAT BED TRAILERS 5’ 6” Wide: MEF20850, MEF27850, MEF30850, MEF35850, MEF20105, MEF27105, MEF30105, MEF35105.

20 SERIES FLAT BED TRAILERS 6’ 6” Wide: MEF27126, MEF30126, MEF35126, MEF27146, MEF30146, MEF35146, MEF35146 TrIaxle, MEF30166, MEF35166, MEF35166 Triaxle.


TILT BED TRAILERS: MTB2616T2, MTB2616S2, MTB3016T2, MTB3016S2, MTB3516T2, MTB3516S2.