brenderup trailers

We’re chuffed to bits that we are now approved Brenderup dealers too. These trailers offer a great combination of quality and fantastic value for money.

The Brenderup brand originates from 1936. That was when the blacksmith, Ove Justesen, bought the forge in the village of Brenderup, in Denmark.

Brenderup engineering was created and originally began manufacturing equipment for agricultural machinery. Brenderup then started manufacturing a trailer which was intended for tractors. The trailer became very popular and to smoothen out the season they began manufacturing the trailer in a version for cars.

The Brenderup brand of trailer are now one of the most popular across the whole of Europe and range from small camping and tip run trailers up to plant, car transporter and commercial builder’s trailers.

We aim to carry stock of the most popular models but have access to all Brenderup products so please get in touch with your requirements.

Visitors are welcome to come and view these great quality trailers. Please call ahead to make an appointment if you would like to come a have a look.

Trailer Model Bed Size (m) Payload Weight Gross Weight Price Inc VAT
1150s 1.44 x .94 x .35 500 kg 600 kg £549
1150s + ABS Lid and Jockey wheel 1.44 x .94 x .35 490 kg 600 kg £899
1205s 2.03 x 1.16 x .35 610 kg 750 kg £699
1205s + ABS Lid and Jockey Wheel 2.03 x 1.16 x .35 600 kg 750 kg £1099
1205s XL 2.03 x 1.16 x .55 600 kg 750 kg £749
1205sXL + ABS Lid and Jockey Wheel 2.03 x 1.16 x .55 590 kg 750 kg £1149